Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recent news from Geoblogosphere

General Geology

Andrew Alden talks about paper that clearly rejects the expanding earth -bullshit- theory.

Clastic Detrius has a great post about Flute Marks.

After the post of Clastic Detrius, Callan Bentley shows his photos of Flute Marks

Ole Nielsen talks about Pseudocraters near Myvatn, Iceland

Callan Bentley opens a discussion about a glacio/fluvial ? outcrop from USA, which is very educated for a youngster like me

Georneys's latest post about migmatites.


Wooster Geologists Wooster’s Fossil of the Week post talks over Trilobites from Utah region.

History of Geology reveals the 3rd american president Thomas Jefforson's geological/paleontological trips during 18-19th century.

Ediacaran blog, discusses the recent Wacey et al. paper in Nature claiming to have found oldest fossil evidence on Earth.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Recent news from Geoblogosphere

Recently some of the geology blogs post about the video Geology of Beer. Here's one of them History of Geology blog.

Evelyn Mervine's(Georneys) "geology word of the week" section describes the word: Glomeroporphyritic

Ole Nielsen
gives brief information about Shoemaker Impact Crater, Australia

Andrew Alden talks about newly posted Nature article which discuss famous dino-bird fossil Archaeopteryx

At same blog, there's a map of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals by each state for USA. I hope some day that we can make a similar map for Turkey - like in a 50 year or so-

Magma Cum Laude blog show beautiful samples from Harding Pegmatite Mine, Dixon, New Mexico