Thursday, August 12, 2010

Links of the Month - I

I decided to share original topics month by month. I usually keen on metamorphic petrology because of my study area- but not much can be found in blogsphere about metamorphism-. So the good ones:

General Geology

Signs of Primitive Mantle From Canadian Gneiss Dated 4.28 BA

and paper about this topic from Nature ::

Gondwana Supercontinent Underwent Massive Shift During Cambrian Explosion

Racetrack Playa's Sliding Rocks -* highly recommended *-

Structural Geology / Microtectonics

Mountain Beltway's Callan Bentley talks about Purgatory Conglomerate with good photos and sketches- excellent blog by the way (especially for structural geologists )

And Bently's M.Sc. thesis, you can download it HERE::

An Atlas of Pressure Dissolution Features by L. Bruce Railsback

Rocks of Glacier National Park, USA by Callen Bantley

Good animated gif about tension gashes by Callen Bantley again.


A 48-million-year-old fossilised leaf has revealed the oldest known evidence of a macabre part of nature -- parasites taking control of their hosts to turn them into zombies.

Snowball Earth no problem for sponges?*

Animals in the Cryogenian? (related with sponge issue)


Hot Spots and Mantle Plumes

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