Saturday, October 2, 2010

Links of the Month - II

Links of the month part II, i think, i'll never gonna post something else than the links.

General Geology

All quiet on the Alpine Fault:

Water in Earth's Mantle Key to Survival of Oldest Continents

About dinasour extinction -again and again...

The fault that made a mountain range by highly allocthonous:

New Clue to How Last Ice Age Ended - science daily sucks anyway-

Historical Geology

First definitions of Dolomites

World's first? paleobiologist Baron Nopcsa's life:

Roots of ichnology :

Structural Geology

Tectonics of the M7 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand

Geophysics - Field Geology

Good article about drilling and paleomagnetism :

Field Photos

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